Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Morning Jacket

Im not exactly a rock music lover but there are a few artist that would fall around that category that I really like.
Among them Stooges some old Danzig(for memories sake) Ramones to name a few.
Seldom do I find any new rock bands that really impress me.
Although last summer I was playing a festival in Spain with José González and we were checking out the bands playing after the show.
Half of the group really wanted to go see My Morning Jacket, I had never heared of them.
I decided to tag along even though I wasnt in the mood to listen to a bunch of loud guitars. I sound like a old lady but I get easily bored.
Anyhuu the concert was amazing the band had so much energy and they really gave there all.
I felt a sincereness in there music, they werent just a bunch of hipsters.
After the show I was a uplifted inspired fan.
This is my favorite song, its not exactly the most lock an loll but it sure has soul! ; )

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