Monday, February 16, 2009

Michael Jackson,James Brown and..... Prince

Out of Michael Jackson, James Brown and Prince I must admit that Prince is the one I have listened to the most.
There is obviously no reason to compare such geniuses against each-other, they have all made a serious contribution to music history in there own way.
But then I must just dwell a bit on why I love Prince.
Despite all the great songs roaming the world few will lift me to the state of "I Would Die For You". If you haven't listened to that track for a while then DO IT , it wont fail to make magic... I swear!
Once I heard a rumor of him being Jehovah ( Its probably true) apparently the song is about Jesus. As an atheist it takes away some of the charm. But who cares what he meant, for me its all about serious love between lovers.
Prince has severe control over his videos, you wont find a single one on youtube.
Just the funny ones, I get the feeling he is under some pressure on this one lol...enjoy !

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  1. You know I love prince! And that clip is just too crazy! What is the man doing? Ha, Ha got to love it! Kram