Friday, February 20, 2009


Been spending these last few days mixing the new Little Dragon album in Malmö.
.....It's Sweden's best city after Gothenburg ! Ask any Swede ; )
Last night I was invited to come listen to my good friend Shirin dj.
It was fun to check the Malmö vibe, the music was mostly of 90´s hip-hop and ragga.
When I walked home the snow glistened under the streetlights and for a minute it felt like most romantic place on earth.
It was fun to come out after having been in the bubble of mixing, you need the cold air to wake you up.
Cant wait to release the album, let the songs run free... bare legs crisscrossing the continents haha laugh laugh skratt skratt.
Got some machine dreams in my pocket.


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  2. ooowwweee!!! lookin forward to the new album. loved the first one much very. and props on the prince post, sign o the times top 10 albums of all time! peace

  3. Ello grl..good luck 2nite, hope its fun, Malmo misses u...XXX

  4. when will it come out? i really CANT wait