Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays!


Luv this card 2!


Nice  Xmas card!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

My album of the year goes to Frank!

Congrats man! Here you go! A invisible prize, Im telepathically sending it over now! Pyramids!  Lost! ...Oh I almost forgot my favorite ...Rich Kids! Earls verse is killer to!
Actually a friend of mine played me a unreleased song of yours! Top Secret apparently. I asked if I could have it. Lol he threw his hands up in the air saying .....Nooo I absolutely promised not to give it to anyone! Loyal guy. All good I will patiently wait for the next. tankyu!!


Im such a fan of her art! I need one of these in my room!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Georges Méliès

 Scenes from the legendary French filmmaker Georges Méliès 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ho Ho HO! Merry mas mas!

Took a walk through the X-mas shopping frenzy in the city today. I just cant help but feel a lill bit blue by it. Not that Im anyone to point a finger, I love clothes, fashion and beautiful things! I love presents, giving them and getting them! Still theres something about Xmas that really turns me off! Its almost like we feel forced to buy stuff. We all know that feeling of getting something you would never buy or want. I recall getting a expensive glass ornament one year that I found disturbingly ugly. Another Xmas my lill nephew got a bunch of new toys that seemed interesting to him for about a day! Xmas is such a cosy way to celebrate winter but maybe its about time we change what sucks about it! Keep the good, out with the old unsustainable patterns. Did we all suddenly forget about cutting down on our carbon footprint! Im Big Foot myself after all the flights Iv'e been on these last few years…so I should probably shut up! Anyway l love the warm drinks, food, family, friends part of the Winter Holidays! Not to crazy about Swedish Xmas food, neither is my Japanese Dad. So we have been eating home made pizza for years. To each there own, I say make up your own traditions! Why does it haft be red everywhere lol….ok thats probably just me. How about a unicorn instead of a fat old white Santa. Sorry don't want step on anyones toes about Santa! I understand the sentimental value. Plus Disney and Coca-Cola love him and ofcoures kids love him! Maybe Santa should change his ways a lill bit though? How about gifts that are memories experiences times shared or something homemade! This year for my lill friend Sonja Im saving that money that could of bought her a barbie house and donating to The Fred Hollows Foundation that help restore sight to those who are needlessly blind. The gift of sight! Help someone who doesn't have access to tests, glasses, medication or surgery! Thats just one of many ways to give this Xmas. Anyway to all of you out there… Happy Holidays.... From a slushy Gothenburg Sweden! Peace N LOve Yukimi

Monday, December 10, 2012

Thu Thu

Thu Thu has  her own touch, alot of embroidery and leopard prints.  Super cute and creative pieces. Check out her designs and get inspired.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Love Song

My Pappa made a new animated video! He also wrote his first song ever! I love it lol. Proud of you Dad!