Friday, February 6, 2009

Arquipelago - Gui Boratto

Little Dragon drummer Erik has found a new love for house music. After spending a month in Pretoria South Africa he came back slightly burnt, high on life and eager to play all mix tapes he gotten from people. Seems like house is the word in Pretoria. I tried to find some of the tracks on the net but they seem to be hiding. There was one track I especially like by Dj Cleo-Ndia, feat Zulu Naja ( couldn't find it) . Well heres Gui Borattos beat to guid you into a high dancing zen like state!
Sorry the video is not top notch folks....; )


  1. I talk about him in my blog too!!
    funny coincidence

  2. I'd actually need to take some time to listen to this one. I'm sure I could find a spot for it in a play list.

  3. loving this!

    reminds me of sticky summer nights at cielo. mmmm.