Friday, January 30, 2009

The world’s great symbolic knot!

Yesterday on my way to the studio I was listening to a Swedish radio program on my ipod called P3 konflikt.
It spoke about the trauma and destruction in Gaza, the blockades and Hamas, the rebuilding needed and what the journalists that were allowed into Gaza have seen.
The reports were touching and so tragic.
I live in a country were these kinds of stories feel so distant from my reality and its shocking and unbelievable to hear that these cruelties exist.
So there I was walking with my ipod in tears deeply disappointed that this was not a sad tale but something actually going on at present.

Cecilia Udén is a Swedish reporter who interviewed docters and patients at a Hospital in Gaza
There she spoke to Sabah Abu Halima who lost her husband and four children by Israeli attacks.
-My son said "Mother I am burning" but i could not save him.
Why did I survive, my heart is more burnt than my body she says to Udén.
-We don't belong to Hamas we are farmers she says.
Udén spoke about the injured civilians but also about the psychological damages and the effect on children.
She interviews a girl at home on her grandmothers sofa and asks her what happened on that sunday a few weeks ago.
-I had been sleeping over at my grandmothers house then grandma suddenly woke me up at 5 in the morning to tell me that our house was bombed my mother, father my two younger brothers and sister were all killed, I am the only one left.
The girl told the story again and again without showing emotion as if her heart had gone cold and tears run out.
-I will never forgive them she says.

Check this article from The New York times!

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  1. This will go on until the end of time. It's like two kids fighting over the same ball and the teacher who could break this up is lazy, fat and good for nothing...the UN.

    Isn't the UN supposed to be a peace keeping force, but they won't keep the peace there. That's just one of the problems they have there.