Thursday, January 15, 2009

One thing indeed!

I can still listen to this track over and over.
Hope you haven't forgotten about it!!!!!!!!!!


  1. aahh! can't forget miss amerie!!
    the beats on the whole album was a banger...
    sweeeeeeeeet! :p

  2. I love this song too
    the voice of the girl is incredible

  3. Love the go go music!!!

  4. Yeah, I love this song too. Was just listening to it earlier this week, well part of it didn't have time to listen to the whole song. I htink it's on the same cd but there is a song that say's, "I just died in your arms tonight....". I love that one too.

  5. I was listening to Amerie this past week. I played her first CD over and over my senior year of college. DC go go go go go.... It's fun to leave San Francisco to visit my hometown in the DC metro area, turn the radio on like a Tuesday afternoon and listen to a full set of go go.