Friday, January 30, 2009

School of Seven Bells - Half Asleep

First time I heard this song I didn't think much of it.
For some reason I thought It was boring but I kept listening to it.
Im so addicted to this song now!!!
And of course teased for dissing it at the first place.
Well some songs aren't like love at first sight but grow and might just last a lifetime ; )


  1. umm...THANK YOU FOR THIS! thank you (i have a feeling i'll be saying that alot to you if i continue to comment) for turning me on to this trio! you're absolutely right about this track, half asleep which gives me a 'Cardigans" feel in the beginning. oh but then......! the first chorus...this is just one of the many really tight tracks on this album. it's almost like The Books meets Broadcast.

    thank you yukimi!

  2. It won't last me a lifetime. Maybe it's just me but I think the vocals should be a little bit louder. It's like they are getting drowned out by the percussion.

  3. this is a new fav! the lyrics means so much 2 me on many different levels! amazing how synchronicity works..... and to Korey... i believe that is what is intended...unintelligible. just look up tha lyrics and u might understand a little better.

    thanx yukimi 4 tha post! we'll meet one day

  4. I'm finding new and good music following your blog, keep it up Yukimi!