Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cycling Trivialities

Cycling Trivialities from Jose Gonzalez on Vimeo.

Me and José spent a month together in Japan.
We traveled to Tokyo, Sendai, Kyoto, Tazawako and Naoshima by train.
Trains are perfect place to listen to music, write, watch movies, or just contemplate deep existential thoughts...Hahaha...OR you can make a movie of the landscape!
It was one of the best trips ever.
I recommend it to everyone!


  1. beautiful....grey, grey, pale colour, grey, signs, buildings, electricity poles. I would love to spend some time exploring Japan one day.

  2. one of the BEST videos i have ever "scene"!! i was noticing the reflection in tha window while watching this. then @ 6:27 or so *poof* there u r with jose! i first heard of jose on MIND TV which broadcasts out of Philadelphia. i fell in love with his sound. then i found the knife recently then little dragon! so funny. all from sweden!! and inter-connected somehow! a different emotion from each one and i am completely telling everyone about them! BEAUTIFUL VIDEO...perfect even.

  3. You should come to New York City and ride the subway while listening to music. I often take the B or Q all the way to Stillwell Avenue/Coney Island then take the D back to Manhattan. I sometimes take the A to Far Rockaway it's a longer ride but it has a better view. I'm often listening to Cocteau Twins and Tujiko Noriko, and Little Dragon of course. try it!

  4. Here's a fan made video to Tujiko's Hyouga which is also shot on a train in japan

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