Monday, October 18, 2010

Kathryn Gibson

Kathryn Gibson and Crispin Andersson (our sound engineer ) moved to Falköping Sweden from London a couple of years ago.
Guess they were tired of city hustle and drawn to the nature and the quite.
On there visit they found a abandoned church from the 70ties that they decided to move into.

As Crispin travels around with us playing shows his lady is home in the forest making some crazy jewels!
I love her work because its so unique and experimental, some of her pieces make sounds while others are just plain beautiful and sculptural.
Her materials vary from wood to silver to random objects that she finds and gives life.
Ive been sneaking around a bunch of her new pieces and they make me wanto be part of a scifi dream.
Cant wait to visit when home and check out her studio in the woods!

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