Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Big Boi Ft Janelle Monáe- Be Still

I love this track! If it was up to me it would be on hiigh rotation on radio! Not that I would really know cause I never really listen to radio...maybe it is...is it?
anyway looove it!
oh its a bit weired with the smiling lady in the end...dont know where that came from?


  1. Luvv ur blog Yukimi! Thanks for sharing these great tunes! They are wiiiicked!

  2. Hi! ZOMG I just discovered your music and this is like an electroshock! I just love everything!! And you even have a blog...updated! Can't believe it! Love and Light to you <3

  3. the lady at the end is super pretty but the smile is still creepy. weird.
    this song is nuts. miss monae will be in perth early next year with kelis, cee-lo, erykah badu, nas and more. i can't wait!