Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bobby Womack

Me and Fred have the privilege of sharing bus with legendary Bobby Womack on this US Gorillaz tour.
His stories are amazing-crazy and his humble personality so heart warming!
Getting advice from someone who has been doing there thing for so long is gold indeed!!


  1. the thought of you kickin it with bobby makes me very happy.
    hey there, would you and your bandmates like to come over to my house for a little vegan feast when you are in perth? we are going to your show (can't wait!) and i'd love to cook some food for my favorite artists. i promise i am not crazy, though my two little boys are, for sure. i know it is a long shot but i had to ask!

  2. Sounds lovely! Will check schedule and if we have time for sure!
    Thankyou for the invite!!!

  3. sweet.
    i like to cook for people who make me happy. it is what i do and you guys make me happy. big time.
    just email me if it works out that you have a free evening. we live pretty close to the city.

  4. I love bobby too much for my own good.........