Thursday, November 26, 2009

Chaka Khan !!!

One of my favorite songs is Prince -I Fell For You sung by Chaka Khan, I already posted it .....but I found alot of other nice old clips on youtube with Chaka Khan/ Rufus here are a couple for you!!!!!!!

Just arrived in Birmingham...drove all day.... sooooo boring!
Going to Wholefoods tomorrow to buy a bunch of organic freerange fairtrade damn good tasty snacks.
Goodnight! C u @ the Bottle Tree or b square!


  1. Yes!!!!

    we'll see you at the Bottle tree! had so much fun in Charlotte!

    here are some pics

  2. thanks for posting those photos, quirky.
    i wish so badly that i could see little dragon perform in such an intimate venue. by the time you guys make it all the way down to perth, western australia, you will be big enough to sell out the big spots. i wish you all the success in the world but please do a tiny show in perth just for me?
    oh, and chaka? she is the queen. much love.

  3. here are pics from bottle tree!

    Thanks for signing the t-shirt and taking a picture with us!

  4. hi, yukimi

    have you seen her on the drums? heres a clip....