Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dear Alexander Mcqueen!

Man your dresses are amazing, but I truly cant afford them.
If you got any left over getting dusty in some corner please let me know!
I love your work your dresses are like sculpture!
By the way why are no top brands in high fashion making any clothes Fairtrade or thinking about sustainable materials.
I mean Channel forexample will sell a white t shirt way over production costs just because its the brand it is....its not like they would loose money . Just curious...Im sure your considering alternative ways.
I have a friend who has a little clothing brand in Gothenburg called DEM, they are struggling to survive with strong ideals about workers writes etc. My friend Karin she will go to Srilanka where she gets her jens fabric made organic.
Growing organic cotton is not simple since the plant easily takes on bugs if your not using pesticides and its very labor intensive but its still a better alternative. We had some of our merch shirts made in Bamboo... the fabric feel incredibly soft and apparently bamboo grows fast and is a quite good environmentally friendly alternative.
Well Im no expert but thats what Ive heard.
My friend Karin has talkt alot to me in the past about why she got into the business and her passion for human writes it fascinates and inspires me.
Anyaway good luck with your spring collection its beautiful. Im a fan!
Ok gotto sound check now!
Peace and Love


  1. Hello,

    I am totally agreed exactly what you said....making clothes or anything creative and environmental friendly is lots of cost, this world is very wired way now... my body can't wear china knock off clothes anymore(H&M or some knock off brand made in china) when I try my body get reaction immediately...I think high fashion brand are expensive because they have to pay a lot....someone salary and marketing cost etc just so simple....I am living in US (I am Japanese) I never buy grocery from BIG store and BIG corporation, I am trying helping loco business....If I spend same money I will pay someone small business and can talk about how you provide the food etc.
    Even I will buy clothes from I know someone made in local...

    Japanese clothing company "Unicro" corroborating with Jil Sander and you can touch her quality of cutting clothes now....FYI. (very good price but bit too simple for you?)

    It was amazing show at Santa Cruz-we are still can't stop listing you guys music...I told about you guys to many friends in Seattle and they are falling love your guys music!

    Please take care and safe trip, I heard you guys are driving...I really hoping I could go Little Dragon concert again.



  2. Good comment guys, but unfortunately we are all plugged into the 'system', so we all consume products that were made through tragic circumstances, whether we wear it, eat it, or listen to it via mp3 player like ipod, etc. I think every single thing in my house was made by poor people.

    Of course we should all strive to look for alternative options, so I'm happy about your friend Karin and her company.

  3. Yukimi...we are definitely working on it. We share your view. Where there is problem, there is opportunity! Check us out at We will make sure to send you some of our unreleased stuff...just hit us up ;)

    By the way, awesome show at LPR in NYC. You are way too cool. Thanks for chatting it up with us...we haven't stopped listening to the new CD since.

    Keep the peace and love flowing! Bands like you are keeping true music alive.

    Wishing you peace, love and abundance always!

    Hot Love