Sunday, November 29, 2009


Played @ House of Blues- Pontiac downstairs on the big stage Misfits are playing!
Not with all the original members ofcourse, Glen retreated from the band in the 80´s already.
This does make me nostalgic even though I never was into them, I had some close friends in junior high who were serious Misfits heads. Even though I secretly listened to Prince in my room I became a gothic girl at the age of 13.
Me and my best friend Anna Roxenholt were the dark force in our class with broken stocking on our arms and yea I wont get into it.
Anyhow so Misfits.... makes me think of Danzig who I used to listen this one is for old times sake.

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  1. Misfits are very interesting..we say Glenn Danzig is a legend!