Saturday, April 25, 2009

Photo by Seek.
Our second album "Machine Dreams" is finished. The new release date second week in August.
We wish it was now, but you know how these things work.
It will be 11 new songs.
We have been rehearsing the new tracks these last weeks and we are so exited about playing them live so we will probably keep playing them all before the album is out.

Life is beautiful at the moment, spring is in full bloom in Gothenburg makes it feel slightly more like Spain ; )
Everyones drinking beer in the Parks. Lighter longer days, happy people.
c u soon on the moon


  1. This is the best news of 2009 :) If there was still such a thing as Tower Records here in Seattle, I'd be there at midnight on June 22. Thank you for sharing this with us... and please try and fit some weekend dates into your upcoming mini-tour of the U.S. so I can fly out from Seattle again to hear the new music.

    It's nice having something to look forward to :)

  2. by the way yukimi, have you seen SOSB's new video for Half asleep?


  3. this wonderful image is the PERFECT screen saver.



  4. thanks so much for the photo and news.
    i can't wait for the second lp!
    i need to see you live too! =)