Sunday, April 26, 2009

half asleep again ( official video)

Just because I love the song so much
and because video is pretty
plus those twins are incredibly beautiful!
thanks lee ; )


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  2. incredibly beautiful?
    although i MUST say that nobody can hole a candle to you, yukimi, being the gorgeous amerasian you are. sorry, i'm a bit biased, seeing that i also am an amerasian as well ;)!

    holla...! to the hapahaoli!


    by the way, if i maybe so bold as to ask wether Portland, OR might be on the new tour syllabus? you see, if not, i am going to do everything i can to make it to new orleans to see LD at the house of blues may 15th. it would be fun on many levels seeing it is my hometown. although if Portland might be an option for LG, i would not traverse across the country.

    i missed the first tour in SF at du'nord by two days and have been regretting it ever since!

    also allow me to apologize in advance if this might not be correct etiquette in trying to communicate with you here as we are facebook friends as well.

    i have a wonderful friend in stockholm at the moment and she says the weather is beautiful right now.

    sending love from the beautiful northwest, and thank you for the props!

    x, Lee!

  3. We will play San Francisco again.
    Wont play Portland on this round.
    Hope you can make it ; )

  4. thank you for that, yukimi. how ABSOLUTELY wonderful you'll be in SF. your news has just made my day....