Monday, April 6, 2009

D'Angelo - Africa

I listened so much to this album when it came.
I would put it up there with my favorite albums ever.
Ofcoures I loved Brown Suger aswell but Vodoo...... it has so much depth both sound-wise and lyrically.
No other modern rnb artist has touched me in the same way.
Devils pie gives me goosebumps and Africa makes me cry.
Indeed he is something very special ...


  1. This is a great article Yukimi. Do you have the outtakes for the album that Questlove has shared? If not, shoot me an email and I'll send you a link...

  2. Here is that zip file that I mentioned in my previous note. Enjoy :)

  3. Such a good good album... The article on wikipedia is full on!!!

    Can't wait to hear his new stuff.... eh?

  4. It's funny I read this now. I currently have this song on replay and was crying. Then I discovered Little dragon and cried some more.

    Thanks : ) I needed the leak

  5. I love 'Africa' my favorite D'Angelo song hands down.

  6. Peace on the link, m. Mad love 4 Little Dragon. My mp3 player is named Yukimi.