Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pfeffer is the Shit!

Visited Robinson Pfeffers showroom today!!
Incase you didnt already know Lucy Hutching makes the most amazing jewels ever ever!!
So here I am at our hotel room posing the fine sparkle !
Also wearing a Stolen Girlfriends Club black dress that makes me feel more powerful than batman sorry you cant see it but I will be flapping my wings in this on stage!


  1. baubles (and that lil black power dress) are a Yukimi's best friend! rock that inimitable style, kid!

  2. Muchos lurve to you and the boys! x x x

  3. Just like to say I thought you guys were amazing in your support set for Gorillaz on Sunday, and in your parts in Gorillaz's set too.

    Good luck for tonight!