Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gorillaz tour

Gorillaz US tour has come to an end. Its been great times!!
Me and Fred going home now for a couple days.
Might just go straight to the studio.... high five HÃ¥kan and Erik have a reunion hug and then get mixing!
Next tour will be in Europe with us and DeLaSoul opening!
Check out Gorillaz tour schedule and get your tickets before they sell out!
xx yukimi


  1. Get my tix (and my kicks!) every time you all come through SoCal. I actually bought Hakan and Fred drinks in Orange County at Detroit Bar. keep livin' the good life, Yukimi!

  2. The letterman performance kills ills. (gangster dance moves, too). Props.

  3. gotta get my tickets!!!


  4. i'm so sad that i will be in new orleans when you guys come to NY in january. i even already bought tickets to the shows i was so excited, then checked my calendar and realized i wont be around. ugh! hopefully you'll come back soon. :)

  5. the letterman show is extra good. the gorillaz are a really fun live band, but i would have liked to have seen more crazy improvisation- let the cool musicians have some fun!

    i got my tickets to both nyc january shows! see you then

  6. come to south africa.........

  7. Got tix for Melbourne, East Brunswick Club. I'm airbourne, I've got silver rays.....