Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Now we are back in London, was getting a bit worried with so many flights being cancelled, but we made it.
Its been such a good North American tour ending with Coachella madness then Mexico and Colombia for the first time.
Thanks to all who came out!
So many impressions. Ready to come home and work on album #3!
Heres a pic of the Colombian promotion, they painted murals around the city instead of putting up posters!
Wish we could do that in sweden.


  1. You're as famous as Banksy! Now that you're in London, look him up if you don't know his guerrilla style of art ... promise you (and especially your graphic artist dad) will be inspired. Great job guys on the tour and looking forward to buying your next CD! ;)

  2. i like little dragon a lot.but u however,are quite special. i am not buddist but u make a good case for reincarnation. there is a little billy holliday is in ur DNA somewhere. ...with all due respect.

  3. Oi,
    I love your work.
    I really hope you come to Rio de Janeiro someday.
    Greetings from Brazil.