Wednesday, April 21, 2010

De La Soul

Coachella was a blast, crazy but soo much fun.
Saw a bunch of swedes Fever Ray, Miike Snow etc heja svergie! ; )
Playing with the Gorillaz on the main stage was a wonderful experience.
We had the privilege to meet De La Soul!! Our idols and big inspirations!
They are up there with our favorite bands ever, what a privilege!


  1. i saw the coachella vids on youtube; great performance as usual. would have been awesome to see you guys on such a huge stage. looking forward to your return to ny!

  2. i was front row for gorillaz,and i saw you guys in the tent on friday.i love you and your voice yukimi,and little dragon is full of amazing musicians.Machine Dreams is a very innovative and intricate album.will you be performing more shows with damon and company?

  3. Hello! Saw you today in Aguascalientes. Wanted to give you a little present but didnt find you :(

    Thanks for playing 'Twice'. It's one of my favorite songs. The whole concert was brilliant. I love you. Godspeed on Colombia, hope you had a good time on mexico!

  4. You guys were amazing at Coachella!!! I think I melted when you came out with Gorillaz for Empire Ants.

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!