Thursday, February 18, 2010

Peter Bjorn & John 'Lets Call It Off'

We get the question about Swedish bands alot...which we like the most and especially why there are so many etc.
Anyway I have different possible answers that I alternate to why so many bands come out of Sweden but honestly I dont know.....but its a bit boring to say that I simply don't know why. I feel like there must be one divine answer that should satisfy all journalist. Anyway thinking about it I would say that Peter Bjorn and John are great songwriters and I cant stop listening to them at the moment!


  1. i'd like to know the answer to that question too. ;)

    my passion started with ace of base and roxette when i was like 6 or so. ;) and even today there are more bands from sweden in my top 10 than from any other countries. so whatever it is - go sweden!

  2. ive thought about that before and one thing i think might be a factor is that folks in sweden can be artists and still have decent healthcare. in the u.s. one's being able to take care of themselves and their family may stifle at times, their ability to be creative and imaginative. my partner is currently injured and unemployed. we are both artists and being that we have no healthcare, creative expression has taken a backseat to making enough money to pay for (super expensive) doctor visits. =T

    i wish my country could use its ridiculous resources to provide its people with what i would argue every human being deserves. i think sweden's ability to look out for its citizens in this way may in some way be reflected in the amazing and beautiful music of folks like you. stay healthy and creative sister yukimi.

    peace and blessings,