Sunday, February 28, 2010


Im not a big Kelis fan but I do love this song!


  1. 從人生中拿走友誼,猶如從生活中移走陽光........................................

  2. i woke up early this morning...but i still ain't see the sun

  3. Good song.. makes me feel great!

    Counting the days for the Indie-O-Fest
    I just can´t wait to see you all here in Mexico!

    p.s. Yukimi, i love your personality =)

  4. just wanted to say thank you for the show on thursday! it was amazing having you guys here in london. i think the whole crowd wished they danced like yukimi. & could grow a beard like frederik, hakan and erik.

    you dont understand how excited i was when you mixed in the indie animal jones remix. it was so DOPE! until the next time--cant wait for more daaaaaancing.

  5. I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but how could you possibly not like Kelis?

    Kidding, but really, you should check out her new single, "Acapella" and some of the other songs she's doing!

    She reminds me a lot of you! Honestly! :)
    You guys should most definitely collaborate, she's so flexible when it comes down to music! I think you guys would make a hit, together!