Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ulla Tomtom

Our good friend Ulla has made a bunch of homemade videos for us.
gave her a filmed material from our touring...heres a peak.


  1. I've never written a fan letter in my entire life. But there I was a 38 year old man at your El Rey show in the front flapping a fan letter in the air for you guys at the end, like I was waving to a ocean liner leaving port. And dear sweet Håkan spotted me and looked perplexed as though he was about to come and grab it just as the curtain closed. Hahaha. The letter basically said thanks for opening a door to music again for me after a long time you guys! I hope your US tour was a wild success, and we anxiously await your return and new music and the trips the songs take us on. Wishing you guys love and light, and much creative energy! Fun videos keep them coming, nice to see you guys having a good time. BTW. A friend worked at the Standard for a while and gave me this tip, stay off the giant rubber feet, they are impossible to deep clean, and god knows what people do on them...

    You guys have brought something really special into the world. Thanks!!!!!!

  2. Wow! thankyou!!!
    Will come back to LA soon for sure. That was avery special night for us!
    Oh the giant foot yes its haunting! ; )
    We are glad to have inspired you!!!
    Lots of LOve !!

  3. Yep. El Rey was a great show. You guys really gave us all the energy you had! But the boys were cruel and kept spinning you like a top to dance for us! :)

    It was divine when you tried to stay serious for 'Twice' but could not hide your proud smile.

    Any plans for live recordings?

  4. thanks for sharing these yukimi.

    hopefully ill be seeing ya guys at the grammy awards brunch.

    johnny (fresno)

  5. oOo Yes! i love the mirror effect in both videos. mirror images are so bizarre and mesmerizing. :D i love watching how, for just a few moments, you cannot recognize what you are observing... and then something changes dimensionally and you remember what you are looking at! :> a tiptop favorite tool for me as well! oh and of course the music is prime!!

    well done!

  6. hi there, i just posted a mini write up about you guys on my new music blog
    i wish i would have seen this videos before i posted, would have used. such a lovely thing.