Sunday, January 24, 2010

LittleDragon Release Party/ Music By Dj Cleo

It was just another rainy day in Gothenburg and we were so exited to finally put together a release party in our hometown at our favorite hang out. It wasn't really a proper venue but we put together a stage some lights and a smoke machine with help from our friends. It was all good until the smoke machine set of the fire alarm in the middle of our set and everyone had to go out until the firefighters had properly inspected. Inspite of drama it was a grand evening!! Thanks to David, Dragonfly & Crisp face, Karin Hanson, Tora Vinter, Sara Atari, St Göran, Hagabion and all the good people who came out! Video by. Ulla Tomtom

1 comment:

  1. hej

    this is awesome. thank you for sharing these moments, crazy talented artists, and music by dj cleo!!

    i've noticed your affinity to youtube. sharing one of my favs, always makes me smile...heres hoping he inspires some moves for all of you :D

    ps. i convinced my friend in lund to see you guys on the 18th!

    much love,