Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Georges Méliès

 Scenes from the legendary French filmmaker Georges Méliès 


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  2. Hey Ms. Y

    Hope you and yours are cozy in your fantastical Swedish winter garden. Where Håkan leads a herd of reindeer, steam huffing from thier snouts - deep into the ancient white wilderness to consult with the forrest gnomes to produce a magical moog transistor for the new record. Can't wait.

    I think the bottom image is from the film 'Hugo', worth seeing if you are a fan of Méliès.

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    A curated tumblr site that set me dreaming. Props to my friend Caity for the find.

    All the best to you and the extended LD family - toast of the season!


    repost - typo fixed...

    1. Thankyou! Great tumbler recommendation! luv it