Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Me and Arild been rocking our watermelon hats from twobop!
Such a sweet South African label!
I will definitely be checking on some fashion when we visit SA come September!
Cant wait!


  1. Hi there
    Firstly I want to say thank you for unleashing your incredible voice onto the world. The various forms into which you morph it never cease to amaze me. What a blessing!
    Secondly I'm still in disbelief that Fredick, Hakan, Erik and yourself have decide to grace South Africa with your presence. I'd made peace with the fact that I'd only see you guys in Eurpoe once I'd saved enough (which would have been in, like, forever). You have no idea how much this opportunity means to many of your South African fans.
    I understand that you'll be keen on resting after your Cape Town show so as to give Joburg as an undoubtedly amazing performance as you're going to give CPT, and though I know you're a busy and huge celebrity (so much so that I didnt even have the balls to befriend you on facebook. However I have grown a pair), I'd like you to consider sparing a few minutes of your time to shake ma best friend's and my hand and to take a picture with you and the band. Once you've looked and me and I've met you, I can safely die on the spot as my life will be complete. Being acknowledged by the woman who can pick me up from deep despair to absolute elation just by singing, "Maybe I'll stumble upon a magic wand, a treasure, a rocket, a place to belong", would fulfill my life's dream. To be in the presence of the woman who sang " summer sun", "the music in her eyes" and "never never" would be unbelievable because its unbelievable that the same person provided vocals for those songs. Please consider my request seriously. I will quite literally do ANYTHING to meet you.
    I'm super excited for the show and it's taking all of my willpower not to scream in excitement every few minutes at the prospect of seeing one of my favourite bands. I suspect the audience isn't clear when you're on stage but I'll be the short black girl in front screaming, singing along and shedding tears of joy at the awesomeness in front of me

    Excited regards :D


  2. And naturally you're rocking that watermelon hat. Love it