Friday, May 11, 2012

Brazil! Sonar! Specactulu!

Its our first time in Brazil! Experienced one night in Sao Paulo so far.
Great to be part of South Americas first Sonar festival!
Also very excited to be invited to Spectaculu Art and Technology school in Rio De Janeiro.

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  1. I went to your concert in Rio and I want to congratulate you and the guys of LD, because your very imaginative, and your music has something that somehow is so natural for me, even brazilian! I already loved ur songs before, but the sonorities u make live are amazing. It must be a little boring for u when there isn´t actually a big crowd,but please, don´t forget Rio! And i am really glad u showed up in Spectaculs, i hope u could pass those kids some of ur talent. Bye. greeting from a brazilian fan