Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Duran Duran-Save A Prayer

I really love this song so much....cant get tired of it!
Soooooo.... Im gonna admit it! I heard this song for the first time last week!!


  1. LD joined D2 at the top of my list of all time favs. My fandom for the bands are for many of the same reasons.

    D2 and LD weave such dreamlike and evocative soundscapes, it is truly like a waking vision. Perhaps the difference is the destination? D2 takes me to warm exotic places and nights of weirdness into which I would not go unaccompanied by an a exquisite feminine companion. LD takes me on a kaleidoscopic ocean voyage or gliding over the landscape. Both bands demand of the listener such vivid and suggestive imagery both bodily as performers and sonically on a personal level for the listener beneath the headphones.

    Keep the furry hat on and check out "The Man Who Stole a Leopard" with Kelis on backup vocals from the new album. A song of intimate obsession. So good.

    Or my all time favorite: "Come Undone" with Nicks haunting underwater creation. A chest pounding-submersion-surrender-defenseless-passing through that translucent barrier into a lovers arms.


    superb. dreamy.

    Newish fans of Duran Duran, don't stop at the hits like "Hungry like the Wolf", the deep catalog and b-sides are full of legit gems.

    Other D2 deep cuts suggestions:

    "Secret Oktober"
    "To the Shore"
    "Midnight Sun"
    "Tiger Tiger" - play that fucking bass JT!
    "Starting to Remember"
    "Know it All" - rare b-side awesome electronica!
    "New Religion"
    "Lay Lady Lay"
    "Instant Karma"

  2. That's great! This was my all time favorite song back in the early 80's

  3. Love the same songs both of us... Duran duran, school of seven bells, bat for lashes and.... Little dragon!!