Sunday, November 6, 2011

Go Bananas!

My feeling says they look like yellow carrots...plan was to go bananas but wishing i went strawberry. Well...plans just change, one second you think you got your path all mapt out and then destiny flips on you.
Kindof how it felt to hafto cancel our shows. (ps there all rescheduled) Yet its all for the best and you feel reminded not to take anything for granted and to be adaptable ! LOL there... deep serene thoughts of the day! That drop of yoda blood! Gothenburg so silent tonight...just wanna go bananas


  1. sweet post, yukimi. you (and your cuticles) rock! frozen, snowy landscapes (and cityscapes!) always make it seem like the sound has been sucked from the air. (i'm assuming winter is fast becoming a reality in G-Burg)


  2. I'm sitting here in Boston just waiting for your arrival next year and you know what? It's torture. And I wanna go bananas lol. Maybe kiwi. But I won't give up. If you have the time... Check out some conceptual tracks I laid out these past couple of days. Hope you like them.