Sunday, October 23, 2011

Orlando 23 October



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  2. I know nothing about blogging lol... nothing...I only started this to possibly reach out to you. But since you've came on the scene Yukimi.... Your music has touched and inspired me to continue in music. I confess... I must have been in a dark place... sort of a creative slump if you will. Last week I saw your show on monday and the way you transend happiness, sadness, joy, love, through your performance made me realize that I've always longed for that euphoria. The subtle intensity on your face Yukimi when singing.. really magnifies the connection that you have between the music your lyrics and the connection I've made with them as well. I've always loved music and my passion for it is strong. Thank you giving me a reason to never stop loving it. Hakan, Fred, Erik, Stay Frosty (be cool). And Yukimi, keep that humble kind-hearted soul of yours alive.