Friday, August 19, 2011

wish this was my living room! /y


  1. hey yukimi, looking for some help! we're electronic band from istanbul and we do need a lift now. check our music for 3 minutes (pleaseeee) and if you like, post about us (on twitter, FB,...) (pleaaaase) we'd be so very happy and grateful!
    you got the link here. i guess the whole LD family would like it (dont want to seem pretentious. oh!)

  2. I like to think that part of my life is sculpted by water too... this place is amazing, a miracle of nature that came to be by painstaking centuries of flood-flow caresing the most ragged of surfaces, all until they were softened to this magical state. Now the stream of lines is harmonic.

    I`ve read that these sort of places, called... Slot-Canyons, produce a very peculiar hiss when wind pass through their gorges. Pretty neat, huh? hehehe...