Tuesday, July 26, 2011

RitualUnion Out now July 26

So after changing the date of release like 1 million times ...today its finally out there!
Meeting up with the guys in the studio in a few. Gonna rehears or something of that spirit.
Maybe write a little on a new song??...or just have a coffee psychosis. So far this year has been a sweet one!
Loads of shows in the fall....u better b there lol!
You can check out our facebook for the dates! A new website is on the horizon aswell!
what else...oh yea...my Dad is making a video for "Brush The Heat" saw some footage yesterday ...will be dope!
And that RitualUnion video we were making... well its a long story that could be shortly summarized by a few words like ...so glad no one got killed!! After one of the horses went mad threw a dancers of its back who flew in a drum-set cut up her foot had to go to emergency.
tis was drama
Anyway magic daze of 2011! being here with u!
Peace lets escape soon


  1. "Brush the Heat" is one of the best songs, so glad to read there'll be a video. Congratulations on the new album, mind blowing I must say. Good job once again guys :-)

  2. can't wait to buy it ... so proud of you all. Keep the magic y'all.


  3. hi yukimi

    I've been trying like crazy to cop the ritual union album on swedish itunes.
    However so far I'm only met by a "not available on swedish store" notification. Help a fan out?
    PS. You're amazing