Sunday, April 17, 2011

LD play guitar.

So we often get asked why we never have guitars in our music and we often answer...-well beecuuuz... there are enough guitar bands out there... the instrument is kinda not our cup tea...but then again why not! Erik and Fred no how express themselves and when all our electronic gadgets and synths break down on us we turn to the good old fashioned guitar for guidance. Never ever say never!


  1. the beginning sort of sounds like a django reinhardt riff (manoir reves?). go erik and fred (whom i bought a beer in orange county at Detroit Bar), these guys are awesome. i also loved the video of you all visiting the public school in New York.

  2. This is awesome! I agree that there are enough guitar artists/bands out there to last an eternity! I applaud you guys for creating a unique sound. I often worry about electronic gadgets breaking down on me during a stage performance. SCARY...

  3. Agreed. Agreed. Agreed. Besides there isnt a whole lot that makes you feel cooler than a few chords in the guitar...even if they dont make sense to the layman listener... pff, what do they know!

    Anyway, you guys make awesome, awesome sound (managing to be cool even without guitars!) ; randomly found you out and can't wait for your next stop in NYC!- an awesome venue for summer would be Central park at night, if that's managable..

    Another thing I found was your art (some specific artist's?)...Love your cover for machine dreams, it inspires me. Have been trying to find it (the artist) but cant... pointer?