Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ariel Pink

Im always real late finding out about new music ...Fred introduced me to Ariel Pink a couple days ago. Been listening to them non stop...especially this track. Hope to catch them at the Roots Picnic


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  2. Hi my name is David. I started listening to Little Dragon about a month now (i too am late on following new music). I haven't been this excited about a sound in years, I've been listening non-stop to the first 2 albums. Sonically the band is really fresh and the main singer finds good melodies inside. It's been putting me in a good space. Thank you and to all the band! peace from the Philippines! - d

  3. Hi Yukimi, thank you for sharing! I really like it. Love & Peace *** Jochen

  4. I am so happy Little Dragon came to Philadelphia this winter! What a wonderful show! You were so well received and the locals were buzzing about the show for days! Come back again next time you tour, Philly loves you! And we love your photos from the show!

    Long live little Dragon!