Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ban Shark Finning

Heres a comment I got from a post. Just signed... check out the link below -yukimi

I am working for a London-based NGO called Global Ocean and would like to ask you and the band to sign our petition to ban the loophole in the EU law that allows fishers to fin sharks anyways. Up to 73 million sharks are killed each year in the world and a third of this number are killed for their fins. We need to get 10,000 signatures before the 21st of February when public consultation is over and the government starts to draft legislation. Please help us out as we will be mailing this to EU government at the beginning of next week and need as many signatures as possible! Spam everyone you know!!


  1. Thank you so much Yukimi!!! You have no idea how much I smiled when i saw that you re-posted this. Thanks so much for the support, It means a lot to me and all of us at Global Ocean. Fingers crossed that we get the 10,000 signatures and we hope the message delivers to the EU.

    It was great seeing you in London at Relentless Garage!!! compared to any band I've ever seen in concert, you guys have the most amazing energy live. it was my fourth time seeing you guys and i am addicted. I feel so good and happy during and afterward. I hope you guys realize what your music does for all of us who love your music--it's entirely liberating and i just get lost in all the little details.

    thank you so much again. cant wait for RITUAL UNION and see you in may under the arches!!!!

  2. You have my signature too. Glad that you post such messages here!