Sunday, January 2, 2011

Gwen Guthrie- Padlock

Hope you had a good New Year!
Just waiting for Erik to arrive from South Africa and then we will all be united in LA to kick off our first 2011 US tour!
Heres the latest favorite song!


  1. like it. hear a bit of "zenyatta mondatta" (Police) in there ... look forward to seeing you all here soon in L.A. (or OC?) - Jg.

  2. thank you so much for this blog yukimi or you guys! i love knowing your latest favorite tunes! so much good music to remember and to learn about :D

    cant wait to see your shows in LANDAN!

  3. found it ... it was driving me crazy. i knew i recognized that beat. "voices inside my head" tell me if you don't catch that similar beat and vibe.

    see y'all soon!

  4. You don't know how happy a 17year old kid would be to get into a certain Fortune Sound club to see you guys on the 11th </3

  5. Hey Yukimi,

    My name is Just Jay. Im an emcee/artist from chicago in a group called 1773... I know this is a longshot, but I did a remix to "feather" i just rapped a verse in the beginning. I would love for you to hear it, and possibly perform that verse with you when u make your chicago stop on the 16th.. Trust im not an amateur. Ive toured all over and the stage is my home...

    if u find time im at
    Just Jay

  6. looks like you've been on that boogie funk tip! you should really check out this song by chemise called "she can't love you" it came out in 1982 and the first time i heard this track i thought "wow this sounds like yukimi" since then i thought it would be such a super fun song for little dragon to cover!

    you should hear this track. it really sounds like you and it seriously is a great track! i've been under the funkfluence and i just wanted to share this dope tune with you. here's the youtube link for the video: