Thursday, December 2, 2010

Last few days.......

The shows in europe on the Plastic Beach Tour with Gorillaz were super nice! Paris and Berlin was mad and amazing!
After our last show we took of to Istanbul and randomly crossed paths with Junip at airport in Amsterdam. The only other swedish band we know (lol) who own the other half of our studio space ...small world.

airports boring!
Istanbul from the sky so beautiful!

Our Istanbul show was.... well lets just say not the most amazing experience ever. A bit corporate but nevertheless we love the city and cant wait to come back.

Back home in our studio awaits......... the biggest mess ever!
Re packing for summer X-mas vibe thing in Australia! Gothenburg was soo cold!

Arrived in Hong Kong this afternoon. A bit dazed.
I think we are staying in the middle of shopping heaven.
I want this dudes tights...

Santa costumes anyone?
Heres me and Fred atlast...a moment to chill.
Back with the Gorillaz fam. meeting up with the rest of the LD ´s in Perth!
yes thats whats up!


  1. my dinner offer still stands! i have sunday night free if you have some time to pop in for a bite to eat. we can do a real aussie bbq. you can bring many people. my house is small but i can make a lot of food and there is plenty of space out back for a nice relaxing meal. let me know.

  2. great updates!! hope there was alcohol in those drinks, girl. as someone who travels quite a bit, i echo your sentiments about airports.

    see you all next in SoCal.


  3. Hi there.

    When you come to New Zealand, I think you should do a small side gig.

    I've emailed all your contacts on your band page also, so hopefully they'll have a laugh about it BUT then consider it seriously. And maybe you'll warm to the idea of a bunch of weird NZ'ers having a good time bopping around to your mad-as beats. I know my flat mates and I have danced some really cool moves to your music.

    Some of us NZ people really like you's! So do a show somewhere other than the Vector Arena - you could even use our house as a venue. It's pretty choice.


  4. I seen you guys perform with Gorillaz in Manchester in November - Little Dragon were amazing! I really hope you come back to the UK, hopefully more towards the North, it would be lovely to see a full Little Dragon set!