Sunday, September 5, 2010

getting psyched!

Heres a pic from last springs tour, looking just a tab bit over exited about our first tour bus! Oh cloud of jetlag, I miss the road already seriously canNOt wait to play you guys some of our new tracks that feel so excitingly unfamiliar...Im a bit freaked out but its all gooood. Sometimes when you play your new songs before there released you feel a bit vulnerable, but rather be vulnerable than a become a musical robot stuck in a setlist . c uuuu/y


  1. wow, you've toured so much i thought you wouldn't say no to a longer break. so cool to hear how much you love it. that's the most important thing. i can't wait to hear the new songs! have a nice break! ;)

  2. Can't wait for some new tunes!!!!!


  3. yep its a pretty non stop but I loving it ; )

  4. i've been re-listening to both your albums these last cpl of days and even though i can never pick a "favourite anything" i cant deny the feeling of you beeing my favourite band out there! Your music is fun, fresh and most beautiful. simply the bomb. Cant wait for the new stuff