Monday, August 9, 2010


Loving Brokenfab, will be seeing me hoping around in these beaded jewels for sure! Kindof wanto be covered in beads, I dream beads. Check out her website folks.


  1. Hej, or hi; don´t know if you do speak swedish or not, though I guess maybe that´s the case- ´cause you seem to be living in Gothenburg, or...(but who knows; certainly not me:). That being said I´ll speed on in the english tounge just to be certain I´m understood. Anyhoo (and getting down to business), I was listening through James Yuill on Spotify, trying to get inspired for an up and coming (although delayed) review of his latest album. Whilst there -om Spotify- I literally bumped into Little Dragon, which is a story in and of itself. The song, your song, Feather is real, real good. You´ve got this quality to your voice. This etherial -sorry for the straightforwardness- sensuality which really stuck to me. As well, the cover art for Little Dragon (2007), and Machine Dreams rocks my socks, or -as it were- floats my boat :). Keep up the good work. I´ll try to catch your quartet in live-action whenever I have the possibility, or the next time you might be close to Sweden´s southermost parts. With the risk of sounding like an utter buffon I´ll round of this vertitable flood of fragmented praise with the universal coolnes (hopefully) contained within the words "rock on" :).

  2. Thanks!!! ...will be touring alot this year and next so hopefully you will catch a show.
    Glad you like the cover art for our debut Dad did the illustration so Im quite proud ; )
    take care