Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hey hey hey

So the touring for 2009 is coming towards its end.
Its been a good year for us!!!!
All the long drives, crazy people, great shows, bad shows, the living in a suitcase has ceased for a winter beak.
At home its christmas madness. I almost forgot.
Not really into it christmas, but looking forward to seeing my family!
So exited to just come home drink tea write new songs in the studio with the guys. I feel inspired. I have some ideas.
Its funny I was talking to Håkan today about how bizarre it feels that people have come out to see us! Come to hear our songs that we made in our messy old hand made studio. Constant Surprises was one of the first songs that I recorded with Håkan in his room with a cold laying down in the sofa. I wrote the lyrics for Twice quite fast and recorded it directly, didnt think it was good enough afterwards and wasn't sure if we should put it on the album. All the drama we have gone through with our label since our debute etc. Its been a journey for us and also for me to feel confident about my writing. To finally be singing songs that Ive written myself!
When I was in 7th grade in sweden my music teacher thought I should sing jazz songs because he thought my voice would suite it. I really wasnt into jazz at all at the time. I was listening to prince everyday in my room after school dancing in front of the mirror. I did aspire at one point to get into some music school but never got in. ( I think that was a good thing for me.)
I just wanted to sing so badly if any of my friends would ask me to sing on there albums I would do it. Thats why sometimes I mentally cringe when people come up to me and say oh I love that song you did with forex Swell Session. Nothing against Andreas in Swell Session but honestly I was 17 singing someone elses lyrics and melodies with pretty strict instructions of how to sing it.
Its hard for me to relate to alot of recordings I have done as a guest vocalist. But those are my personal issues.
Guest singing with Koop was a big deal for me, they had a big following and I gradually got over my shyness on stage from touring with them.
I started surviving on my music (almost)unlike Håkan Erik and Fred who were hustling at home. Thanks to Koop I was able to afford some more proper recording gear and the guys started building a studio that was less like a pile of stuff taking up a part of our rooms.
Anyway one thing led to another. Cant wait to get home to the studio. Thanks to all of you who came out to our shows danced with us or bought our records...........
peace peace peace
luv luv luv


  1. Looking forward to new music as well. You and the guys are so talented. San Diego was great, but the way you all fed off the crowd at the finale in Los Angeles was something else. Looking forward to the next tour already -- selfishly -- to hear new music -- and to hang out again. Everyone's so down to earth. Thank you again Yukimi and the fellas :)

  2. 2009 sounds like it was good to you. i hope you make it to australia in 2010. that would be oh so nice.
    thanks for sharing so much of yourself in this blog. i wish all of my favorite musicians had blogs like this. the insight into you music and experience is priceless. thanks.

  3. what a fantastic year it's been for you and the guys! as for '09, with "machine dreams" released on 1 hand, and touring in the states 'twice'...i can only imagine what 2010 will bring! cheers!!

  4. that was a nice read. thanks for the tour and my personal album of the year (next to fever ray ;))

  5. i've used the word "magical" to descirbe you guys on many occasions. can't for the new tunes so i can say it some more.

    happy resting and writing!

  6. were can we get some of those snazzy new shirts? you did not have them out for sale at the nyc show.

  7. Just wanted to say your show here in Lexington, Kentucky was awesome! Thanks for coming out and signing my vinyl!...hope that you guys can come out again someday or perhaps you can come out to Japan?! cheers!

  8. Peace peace peace, Yukimi. You do have a 'jazzy' voice, but ignore genre labels and do your thing the way you want to. :)

    Machine Dreams sits comfortably in my top 10 albums of 2009. I look forward to you guys occupying a spot in my 2010 list!

  9. picking up on magic, your show in vienna was just that: magical. i stumbled across a live recording of a show you did in london and it's become the sound of this autumn. it's winter now and i'm still listening to it.
    love your lyrics, love your sound.

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  11. Usually when I back to listening music in my town Sapporo(Japan) sounds different but your music is always as usual and amazing.....snowing outside now and listing you guys is feels very calm and waiting new year. Thank you for making wonderful music and I look forward to see you guys concert next year again! Have a good rest and merry christmas.

  12. You are an icon. This band is going to live on as a trancendental genre-defying musical experiment that tested everyones tastes in a way that was endearing, seductive, mysterious, and groundbreaking. I kind of idolize this band on a daily basis. Yukimi, you are a legend on the circuit. LITTLE DRAGON IS THE BEST BAND EVER!!!!!!!!!

  13. you are doing a music which is very profound, soulful and animated, real in the same time. it is also because of the lyrics you write, yukimi. on scene you are so harmonious. such a great inspiration for us. and I should say that you deserve to be more famous. you really "give" something to the world via your music. long live little dragon!

    we are forming our band since 1,5 years now and I wish one day I will write a post like this one, and say that it is very weird and cool that so many people listen to our songs now...

  14. Hey there,

    First off, great to see you at the Gorillaz show in Hong Kong, where I'm from. I am absolutely in love with your track "Twice", and am probably going through a very similar situation that the lyric depicts. I am writing to ask if I could please borrow your voice for a mellow, waltzy and downtempo remix of this track.

    I am a guitarist trying to fuse electronic elements into my songs, and though I mostly do originals, I have done a few remixes for tracks that I feel really strongly about, which is the way it should be anyway =)

    For a feel of what direction I'd like to take with the remix (i'd be ecstatic if you're still with me at this point =P), you can see what I have done for a remix of the Glitch Mob's Drive it Like You Stole It. I've spun the heavy synthy original track to a waltzy emotive one, and that is precisely what I'd like to do. You can find my remix here:

    If you would like one more reference, I would suggest giving my track "The Fall (to Reason)" a listen at

    They are two of my most introspective works and I hope to be able to have the privilege to work with the "Twice" track. I'd be glad to pay for the stems as well.

    Please let me know and keep doing what you're doing!


  15. It's soo cool to see this post now! You have gained so much attention and press since this! Love LD, and thank you Yukimi for inspiring me as a singer. In a band too and hoping for the same situation! Take a listen if you feel so desired: