Friday, September 11, 2009

Róisín Murphy


  1. I love Roisin!

  2. do you like my tight sweater was sick. i first heard it in 96-97. i played it at the club i worked at in new orleans on a non-stop loop. when i am not a doctor came out, it was the sickest programming i had ever heard. that was 1998 - i was 28, i thought nothing could get better. i was right, with moloko, that is. in america roisin and moloko were never big - i didn't even know what mark brydon and roisin looked like until the second album came out. for me, it just all went down hill. and now roisin solo - it hurts to even watch this video. my apologies for being so vocal about this post - roisin/moloko were such let downs to me compared to the first two albums, that's all. it's close to my heart i think.