Saturday, August 29, 2009

"Chief Inspector" by Wally Badarou

this video is so gooood!


  1. I am in love with your blog, I think I went through every month of 2009 and clicked some interesting things. I would LOVE to hear your music. I like that you and your group are so cultured. You been all around the world! I am so jealous! I have to hear your music! Just one song, or a random studio jam session. Something so I can peacefully go off to college. =)

  2. Wait a second, You are Little Dragon. OMG I have just wet my pants.

  3. November 2009

    17 or more years after "Chief Inspector", "Mambo", etc. keyboard wizard Wally Badarou (ex Level 42) comes back to music with "Fisherman", a 15 minutes funk instrumental that he sells directly from his website using the avant-garde GetJuke technology.

    "Fisherman" is the first extract from an upcoming trilogy that Wally wishes to unveil to the public "song by song" before releasing it under a physical format.