Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Today is our last show on our us tour for the summer. We have had a good time!
Thanks to everyone who came out! We will be back in the US soon !!!
It was great to see Qtips show again, here are some pics from summer stage



  1. Next time you tour I hope you guys come to Texas!Would love to see you!

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  3. You all were wonderful in Philly!! absolutely wonderful. had us dancing! I'm so glad y'all came to rock & I am looking forward to your show in Philly in the fall. love the new songs

  4. the gig at Liv was sick! there was so much love in the room - and I wouldn't be surprised if there were babies made that night (::wink wink nudge nudge::). thanks for sharing your art, your energy, and your amazingness. you all are definitely creating paradigm shifts with your music, and i can't wait to see/hear what the second album will bring. x

    a little souvenir from DC:
    (check out his embroidered-jacket-jumpsuit-thing... too fly)

  5. i followed the tour on youtube and i hope to see you in europe later this year or next year.

    i'm ready for the album now.
    enjoy your free time (if there is any ;)

  6. i bought tickets to see you guys in NY but had a wedding that night that i couldnt miss, then i went to see you in central park the next day, but didnt expect you to go on first so i missed 90% of the set. i really hope you guys come back soon. cant wait for the new album.